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Banned in 93 Countries

Ducks with Breasts

Children of the Night

Wall Street

Beatless Together Again


A Tribute to Accardi / Gold

Gorebag at Midnight

Gorebag in the Morning

Kojacks Go to Church

Kojacks Roast Nilsson

Kojacks Roastin' the '60's

Born to Be Mild

Spirit of Woodstock

Hippie Heaven

California Dreams

Spiritual Olympics


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Ever since a famous Rock Star broke all established convention by singing of taking tea at three instead of the tradition bound British custom of the four o’clock tea time, irony has been a mighty weapon in the hands of musical visionaries, iconoclasts and internet sales copy writers.

Here at Parody Records we submerge the comedic art form to whole new depths. No genre is safe from satire, no subject sacrosanct from the dissolving-in-laughter radiations of our seriously absurd humor. We have a Broadway musical about aging called Regularity, Ducks with Breasts singing classic Jolsen songs in duck voice (watch for the follow-up – classic duck songs in Jolsen voice), the only punk rock version of Silly Love Songs you’ll find anywhere courtesy of The Terminators, spoofs on the vagaries of the stock market by The Insane Investors Club, acid rock done as elevator music (Born to be Mild, Hippie Heaven) and more. Aligned to a tradition of satiricus noblesse and political incorrectitude that includes Rabelais, Jonathan Swift, the Marx Brothers, and Weird Al, Parody Records aims for the iocus ossis (funny bone) with every release.

Our roster includes the Kojacks, a subterra New York band of bald people inspired by the egregarious persona of famed Gotham gumshoe, Theo Kojack, a television star on late 20th Century Earth. In thick Brooklyn accent backed by a swinging jazz combo that recalls the Benny Goodman sound of the 40s, the Kojacks irreverently roast the 60s to a crisp, flip the songs of Harry Nilsson upside down and inside out and then Go to Church in a hilarious attempt to atone for it all.

We have been fortunate to preserve two rare recordings of broadcasts from radio station KGOD by DJ to the Stars, Gorebag, at Midnight and in the Morning, where he presents 62 music samples from Parody Records and sister label Cloister Recording.

Only at Parody will you get a chance to hear Beatless – Together Again, a document that presents various musical views of an era noted for mind expansion and creative experimentation in a most melodic and light-hearted fashion.


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